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by Dae'sani Clarke, The Outlook:

David Golland, Ph.D., was recently appointed as the new Dean of the Wayne D. Murray School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Before joining Monmouth’s campus, Golland was previously a professor of history at Governors State University in Chicago, Illinois. He served in a variety of capacities....


Now in Paperback from the University Press of Kansas:
A Terrible Thing to Waste: Arthur Fletcher and the Conundrum of the Black Republican

  • 2020-21 Washburn University iRead (freshman common read) selection

    Arthur Fletcher (1924-2005) was the most important civil rights leader you've (probably) never heard of. The first Black player for the Baltimore Colts, the father of affirmative action and adviser to four presidents, he coined the United Negro College Fund's motto: "A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste." Modern readers might be surprised to learn that Fletcher was also a Republican. Fletcher's story, told in full for the first time in this book, embodies the conundrum of the post-World War II Black Republican—the civil rights leader who remained loyal to the party even as it abandoned the principles he espoused.



    Latest Appearance:
    January 8, 2023
    American Historical Association Conference
    Philadelphia, PA
    Black Female Empowerment through Education in the Late Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Commentator/Chair)

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    April 5-8, 2023
    2023 Popular Culture Association Annual Conference
    San Antonio, TX


    Latest Interview:
    October 14, 2022: Charles Sawyer, author of
    B.B. King from Indianola to Icon: A Personal Odyssey with the King of the Blues
    (Focal, 2022)
    on the New Books Network



    Latest Blog Post:
    6/16/22: The Art of Choosing What to Do With Your Life
    I agree with this guest essay published in The New York Times:
    "The Art of Choosing What to Do With Your Life," by Benjamin Storey and Jenna Silber Storey


    Now Airing on C-Span3's American History TV:
    The Oral History of Affirmative Action:
    Reconstructing the Philadelphia Plan and Arthur Fletcher


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